Extreme Sex Bench


Obedience Extreme Sex Bench with Restraint Straps

Act out dark fantasies or prepare for intense impact play scenes when you strap your lover into the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench! This heavy duty piece of sex furniture is made of sturdy steel, with comfortable padding for the body, legs, arms, and head of your partner so that you can play vigorously for hours. Keep your sub helpless and at your mercy! This ergonomically shaped bench will leave them exposed for spankings, penetration, or both. You will even be able to go deeper than ever before! The U-shaped headrest wont muffle their moans and squeals as you play. Play without the straps, or keep them fully restrained. The quick release buckles are easy to use. Adjust the height of the arms and legs, or remove the head support to fully customize the experience.

Material: PU leather, steel, nylon.

Color: Black

About the product
  • Sturdy steel frame can hold up to 400 lbs.
  • Optional straps for bondage play.
  • Padded for comfort during long play sessions.
  • U-shaped head rest allows you to hear your partner's moans and gasps.
  • Perfect for spanking or having deeper access during penetration.

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Sku AF514
Extreme  Sex Bench
Extreme  Sex Bench
Extreme  Sex Bench