Lovense Max

Revolutionizing Male Masturbators!

Designed For Your Pleasure

Air PumpRealistic Skin-Like Masturbation SleeveVibrator

Patent pending air pump design

Air vent allows you to control the suction!

Realistic Sex Sensation!

Remote-controlled sex toys allow you to customize your vibration levels.

The texture will stimulate you while you stroke in and out.

The texture of Max's sleeve is designed to stimulate you while you stroke in an out.

Accommodates 95%+ of men

Our innovative software makes Max one of the most realistic Male Masturbators:
Local Control

Use your smartphone as a remote control

Long Distance Control

Have someone else control your toy from miles away

Long Distance Sex

Sync with Nora (or another Max) and the toys will interact with each other

Control the vagina contraction and vibration settings

Air Pump Settings

Subtle Mild Deep

Vibration Settings

Low Medium High

Compare us to the most popular male sex toys:

FeaturesMax by Lovense
Max by Lovense
Solo Play  ✔  ✔
Bluetooth Wireless  ✔  
Give someone long distance control  ✔  
Splashproof  ✔  ✔
Can interact with other sex toys (Max or Nora)  ✔  
Patent pending air pump design  ✔  
Vibrates and contracts  ✔  
Rechargeable  ✔  

We've been developing innovative male sex toys since 2011!

History of Max

 iMan - Our first generation male sex toy was developed in 2011. Inspired by smartphone technology, we tried to make one of the best sex toys for men. It was able to connect to a female toy and sent signals based on what the user did. Unfortunately, the female counterpart of this set never made it past the development phase, so our first male sex toy was never widely available.

 Max - Our second generation male sex toy was first introduced in 2013, under the Lovense brand via IndieGogo. Building on our previously developed design, we integrated smartphone technology to make one of the best male sex toys. It was the first male masturbator that was able to be controlled via a smartphone app. The air pump design made this one of the most interesting masturbation sleeves to be released that year.

6th Generation: 2017 Updates

  • Improved sensor for detecting partner's movements
  • Updated packaging

2016 Updates

  • Added an air vent
  • Softer, more elastic sleeve

2015 Updates

  • Size Enhancement
  • Improved Water Resistance
  • Easier Charging
  • Stronger Vibrations
Max by Lovense dimensions.

* Max's built-in air pumps enable pleasure for most sizes!

What's included:
  • (1) Max Bluetooth Male Masturbator
  • (1) USB Charging Cable
  • (1) User Manual

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Lovense Max
Lovense Max
Lovense Max
Lovense Max