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Hit the Right Spot

The LOVENSE Osci will be the first and last G spot vibrator you buy. Using a curved shape and a patent-pending powerful motor to stimulate the G spot, you’ll enjoy intimate solo pleasure that brings you to climax smoothly and consistently every time. Use the Osci as a teaser and finish with the Domi for a mind-numbing orgasm.

Small, Discreet and Quiet

Osci is small so it fits into all kinds of bodies perfectly. But it’s also quiet – which makes using it outside an exciting and rushing adventure. Only you can tell what’s between your legs. Made with soft silicone rubber that’s easy to clean, you’ll feel safe and comfortable.


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The first oscillating G spot vibrator that you’ll love over and over again.

Osci G Spot Vibrator

While other vibrators only provide a rhythmic sensation that quickly becomes boring, Osci uses a patent-pending technology to provide an in-out sensation that provides powerful long-lasting stimulation.

Open up a new world of possibilities with your smartphone. You can control everything from your smartphone.


FULLY PROGRAMMABLE – You can adjust between three vibration intensities and save up to 10 custom patterns that you can save and use for a later time.

SHORT DISTANCE CONTROL – Using Bluetooth technology, play by yourself and control the sensations from your smartphone or give control to a friend. Do you dare let them take control?

UNLIMITED PATTERNS – Choose from over 5,000 patterns on the app or create your own custom pattern that will leave you shaking.

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Using a WiFi connection, your partner can control the Osci from anywhere in the world, closing the gap in a long distance relationship. Simply have your partner download the LOVENSE app and let them control your pleasure.

MUSICAL VIBRATIONS - Experience your favorite music in a new way. Set your choice of music in the app and the Osci will vibrate to it.

lovense, osci, vibrator


● Apply lube before use

● Osci is curved, so insert at a 45 degree angle

● Insert Osci when turned off





● Submersible

● Easy to clean


● Up to 2.5 hours of continuous use


● High-quality and soft silicone


● 1.46” x 7.8”

● 2.4-3.2” wide


1x LOVENSE Osci Vibrator

1x USB charging cable

1x User manual


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Lovense Osci
Lovense Osci